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here. police are on the scene in las vegas. a shooting was reported near the vegas strip. about 4:20 a.m. their time this happened. they're on the scene. we'll keep a close eye on it. we'll bring you the latest on that developing situation as we get more. bill: meantime, there is countdown to changes in the u.s. budget. the president warns that a meat cleaver will clear out key government services and national security but some key republicans calling this sounding of alarms more like chicken little. who is right here? byron york, chief political correspondent, washington examiner. how are you doing this morning. >> doing great, bill. bill: i will read you numbers. tell me if this is true or hyperbole, fact or just talk out of washington. 70,000 children tropped from head start. is that about to happen. >> look, we don't know exactly what is going to happen. i was talking to douglas holtz-eakin, a former head of the congressional budget office, talking for a piece i'm writing today. he said, look this will be the biggest thing since y2k in a few months we'll look back and say this is w
-out on the strip. it ends up with a shooting and fiery crash on las vegas's most famous boulevard. this is the "cbs morning news." fiery crash on las vegas's most famous boulevard. this is the "cbs morning news." s is bob a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his ex
vegas right now. right on the strip in the heart of the tourism district in the city of las vegas police tell us there was a car-to-car shoot-out. you're taking a look at the aftermath of this car-to-car shoot-out, our affiliate klas is reporting injuries and possible deaths from this incident. right now police have closed down that area. this is right atlas vegas boulevard and flamingo road. if you've ever been to las vegas it's right by bally's, across the street from the bellagio with the big, beautiful fountains that spot up, you know that scene. can you imagine? it's just mind-boggling. we're on the phone with las vegas police right now to try to find out how this incident started, how far this car-to-car shoot-out went -- was it a couple miles down las vegas boulevard? we just don't know right now. you can see the aftermath. other cars were damaged in this shoot-out and as you can see one of the cars appeared to be on fire at one point. you can see the stuff in the road that the fire department used to put out the fire. again, we don't know what started this, but an affiliate klas
on a maserati on the vegas strip. he was known as kenny clutch. happened at the busy corner of las vegas boulevard and flamingo road, just outside, the strip's most famous hotels, paris, cesar's. edward lawrence on how it all got started. edward. >> ken, this all started very early this morning, about 4:30 this morning. police have few leads that they are following up on. they have a lot of witnesses and evidence they collected at that intersection for the 15 hours it was closed. cell phone video shows the las vegas strip moments after a shooting and multicar accident sent a fire ball into the early morning sky. police say what started as an argument ended in bullets and flames, leaving throw people dead. >> what happened is not just tragic, but under scores the level of violence that we see sometimes here in las vegas as well as across america. >> the trouble began at the say lay area of one of the strip's casinos. words were exchanged, then two cars fled north on las vegas boulevard. that's when someone in the suv opened fire on the other car. >> the maserati driver sped through th
of las vegas is supply. woman: all the growth and everything that's occurred in southern nevada has been with colorado river water. without it, the west as you know it today couldn't exist. narrator: to sustain their growing community with its limited supply, las vegas learned to be extremely efficient. mulroy: this is a desert, and it has its own beauty, but you have to get beyond what you're used to. as long as people recognize they're moving to the desert and give up this notion that they have to bring eastern vegetation with them and make the necessary adaptations in their own life, desert communities can continue to live. man: the biggest water user in the desert is turf. turf uses a lot of irrigation and uses spray irrigation, so what we've done here is use artificial turf. you're never going to be able to achieve the look of back east or the look of, say, california, with subtropical plants, but our landscapes are still lush and use about 30% of what the subtropical landscape with turf would use. las vegas has adopted a drought tolerant ordinance. we're using less water today than
on the las vegas strip with innocent people caught right in the middle. >> a little before 4:30 this morning there apparently was a rolling gun battle on the strip. >> i seen a range rover and mazerati cruising down the boulevard. >> tonight, death and destruction on the vegas strip. but first from fox news thursday night the case against the blade runner oscar pistorius took a bizarre turn when we learned the lead detective faces attempted murder charges of his own for firing shots at a bus full of people while investigators say he was drunk. the detective's boss pulled him from the case. the khat reportedly denies he was drunk when opened fire and that he and his colleagues were only shooting at the mini bus wheels. either way it is a mess. south africa police replaced the investigator with someone they call the nation's top detective but it is too soon to know whether it may have already damaged the prosecution case against the blade runner. he admits that he did kill his magazine model girlfriend at his home on valentine's day. he claims he thought she was an intruder but prosecutors say
along the border where kenneth cherry grew up. the aspiring rapper was gunned down in las vegas where he moved a few years ago. ironically, to get away from gun violence. >> i think vegas was the best choice he could have made. because you know, it's a lot of street violence going on out here and a lot more intense than las vegas is. >> friends and family encouraged him to go. friends and family say cherry came from a good home. he dabbled in criminal activity as a youngster, but at heart was no troublemaker. court records show cherry had been arrested for having marijuana and a gun back in 2007, but friends say he left that lifestyle behind years ago and reports that he was a pimp are false. >> that is just an image. it's an image of music, you know what i mean? he wasn't a pimp. >> he was a father to three children under four, including a newborn girl just two months old. >> it's unfortunate that i had to lose him like that. i feel like they stole him from me. >> kpix5. >> and from the bay area to the vegas strip, another memorial was held to remember kenny cherry. >> kpix5, joe
the longest running performer to do that of african descent. a show i never miss when i am in las vegas. the celebration is this saturday, so let's take a look. >> some people ask you a question and answer it at the same time. where is your daddy, at work? what time does he get home, at 6:00? what is your mama cooking, chicken proved -- chicken? i have been thinking about stuff like that. >> i took it back already. i always look good. do you like this suit i have got on? it is going back tomorrow. i always look good. there is something wrong with my family though. i have got a niece. she just got a master's degree. four point -- whatever it is. she heard about a man walking a tightrope across niagara falls. d you know what she asked us? was he black? there is some things that you do not have to ask. certain things we just do not do. tavis: one of the things you have been doing well for 10 years is headlining. this is a serious record. i was thinking of all of the people, red foxx, sammy davis, jr., diane carol, all of the people, you are the longest running. >> also, i own the show. i d
. >> all right, linda yee on treasure island, thank you. >>> breaking news out of las vegas. tourists describe it like something out of a die-hard movie. bullets fly from an suv into a maserati on the las vegas strip. the results, a fiery crash involving several vehicles and three people are dead. kpix 5 has learned that the man shot and killed in the maserati was an aspiring rapper from oakland. take a listen. ♪ [ music ]♪ this is youtube of him performing in his maserati on the las vegas strip. he was known as kenny clutch. his father kenneth cherry senior confirms the death and says the family is devastated. his friends and family have been posted message online that read, rest in peace. >>> cbs reporter edward lawrence in las vegas with new information on what started this whole thing. edward. >> reporter: allen, first the coroner is here and removed the body of the victims involved in this. this intersection has been closed since 4:30 this morning. this is flamingo road and las vegas boulevard one of the busiest intersections on the west
in nevada and southern california for a range rover that set off a shooting and fiery crash on the las vegas strip. this morning six people are injured, three people dead including an aspiring rapper from oakland. this morning that man's grieving father is speaking out about his son's death. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in oakland where the rapper's family lives. we understand it started with an argument outside of a casino. >> reporter: it did. good morning to you, laura. his father who lives here in oakland tells us that his son, kenny cherry, rapper name kenny clutch, was the sweetest man he ever met. he received the worst kind of news. a phone call from his son's girlfriend that his 27-year-old boy had been murdered in las vegas after an argument that did start with some people in the parking lot outside of the hotel. six months ago kenny cherry appeared in this music video filmed on the vegas strip. he's rapping about women and guns and showing off his maserati. it turns out he was driving that maserati down the strip when he was shot and killed early yesterday morning.
news from las vegas. three people are dead in a rolling gun battle down the strip. >> >> where seafood fraud is running rampant. why pregnant mothers should be especially concerned. >> a man accused of killing a fairfield teen heads to court this morning. just hours before a memorial for the girl is held. >> the homeless have set up a huge tent city. they keep growing near the san jose airport. what the city plans to do. mornings on two starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday february 21st. breaking news from las vegas. three people are dead and three are hurt after a gun battle between two cars right on the las vegas strip. you are looking at live pictures of las vegas boulevard at flamingo road where the shooting happened this morning. people in two cars exchanged gun fire before one of the cars hit a taxi cab. the taxi burst into flames killing the driver and the passenger. the driver of the car was also killed. three other cars were involved in the wreck
which have produced some light snow up in the sierra nevada and into las vegas where it is 38 degrees. you can see some clouds are moving through patchy low clouds, breezy to windy for some, that thursday low is a big system as it moves out of the rockies into the northern planes. dry forecast in fact the weekend is looking sunny and warm. windy at times, it is out of the northwest, a little bit cool but i tell you the snow in the desert was spectacular. occasional systems are clipping us and it looks like things are winding down, mostly sunny, patch -- mostly sunny, it is not as cold as we were yesterday morning, we were in the upper 30s and 40s and we are still slightly below average, a week system drags across, it looks sunny and warmer most of next week. >>> you see i can't even describe this. in kansas they call this thunder snow. in parts of kansas it was several different kinds of extreme weather plus they got all of that snow lots of it. it is part of the winter storm cue which is slamming the nation. according to the national weather service a foot of snow is expected all the
and las vegas boulevard. >> has this happened before in the area? >> that's a concern for people here the las vegas convention and visitors authority plus police. police reassured the sheriff of the area reassured that las vegas is safe. it's created somewhat of a tourist attraction. there are a lot of folks who have come out to see what's going on to look at this accident. they have heard about it on the news. and they want to see it for themselves. so a lot of pictures being taken here but police say that las vegas is safe and this is just an altercation between two people that got out of control. >> all right. edward lawrence in las vegas, thank you. >>> we'll have more on this crash's connection to oakland at 6:00. >>> chopper 5 is live over the new span of the bay bridge where a crane collapse has brought critical construction work to a halt. what you see going on now, workers are welding trying to clean up some of that mess from today. kpix 5's linda yee is on treasure island. she has a pretty good view of what happened. linda. >> r
are watching "the communicators" on c-span. we are on location at the ces 2013 international show in las vegas. here are some interviews this week. we want to introduce you to the new president and ceo of cable blabs. what is cable labs? >> it is the cable industry on a worldwide basis. we are the source of innovation that enables the cable operators to deliver services that you're quite familiar with such as broadband, video. >> you are not a cable guy. >> no. i'm with the cable industry and products. earlier in my career, -- i'm new to cable. -- you are the yo chief technology officer at -- >> correct. >> there in the -- my role at hp, we focused a lot on what the people do with the technology in their homes and in their hands and on their desk. being able to look at that from end to end. an innovator by back and. it is about coming up with those great i years and translating those two have high impacts. >> what are some products that you are excited about? >> we have been looking at all of the programs that we have currently running. we narrowed it down to key focus areas. one is the techno
are numbered for a homeless encampment there and they want to take action. janine de la vega joins us with this report. >> reporter: good afternoon. in the past they have clean ups of homeless encampments head in greek beds but creek beds but this is different, it is visible to the public, this tent city has popped up in just a matter of months. the roar of jet engines is frequently heard in this field next to the san jose airport, some of the 100 or so people living here say sometimes the tent shakes from the sound. after being rouseed to roused to move they set up camp here. >> we are not just asking for anything but a spot. >> she showed us those. she said she used to be a nurse but quit her job to care for a relative. after that relative died she was out of money and on the streets and has been on several job interviews but not gotten an offer yet. >> i am doing the best i can with what i have. i am not a criminal. i am not you know -- i am just like anybody else just falling on hard times. >> the city has received many complaints from residents who worry about garbage and safet
on a manhunt right now for a shooter who killed an oakland rapper on the las vegas strip. oakland rapper kenny cherry was shot as he drove down las vegas boulevard about 4:30 yesterday morning. the rapper's maserati crashed into a cab causing an explosion. that cab driver and passenger were killed. four other people were injured including a passenger inside the maserati. police say the rapper is right now cooperating with the investigation. >>> this morning we are learning new details about the shooting. police say it began with an argument in a hotel. that's when people inside a black range rover began shooting at the maserati that cherry was driving. cherry's father got the call from his son's girlfriend yesterday morning. >> some kind of disagreement and then the guy pulled to the side of him and let the window down and they started shooting. my son, for the record, did not have any guns in his car. there was no gun battle. nothing like that. >> cherry, sr., says his son went to several catholic schools in the east bay. he briefly attended chico state before dropping out to pursue a rap car
the international consumer electronics show in las vegas with a discussion on government's role many technology. then president obama awards this year's recipients of the national medals for science, technology and innovation. and after that we're live as policymakers, health care industry leaders and representatives of government gather for a national health policy conference. >> congress returns today to capitol hill. the house comes in at 2 p.m. eastern to take up a small number of bills under suspension of the rules with votes at 6:30. also this week a debate and vote on a measure to require the president to submit a balanced budget to congress. over in the senate, members also come back at 2 eastern for general speeches. then at about 5:30, a vote on the bill to reauthorize the violence against women act, a domestic violence law that expired in 2011. a final vote on that could happen later this week. members of both parties are attending retreat this week. as a result, the senate will be out on tuesday and wednesday, and the house no legislative business on thursday or friday. live coverag
of interviews at the international consumer electronics show held last month in las vegas. then new mexico governor susana martinez gives her state of the state address. after that, a or forum on avoiding the automatic spending cuts called sequestration, and later policy analysts look at the role of medicare in the health care system and the future of the program. >> host: and you're watching "the communicators" on c-span. we are on location at the ces international 2013 show in las vegas from the convention center, and here's some more of our coverage. here in las vegas at ces international samsung has a rather large display, and "the communicators" is joined by david steel, executive vice president of strategy for samsung. mr. steel, if you would, just begin by giving us a snapshot of the samsung corporation. >> guest: so samsung is now the largest technology company in the world by sales. we cover all the way from components like semiconductor chips and flat panel displays all the way through to finished goods like home appliances, it'sing and smartphones -- televisions and smartphones.
on and after the system moves out it will be very cool las vegas to phoenix as it is here. santa rosa 30s and there is a breeze holding up these temperatures same thing for novato. book ends at 41 chilly degrees. we get the high pressure and the breeze, sunny and breezy and a cold morning and if it's cold and you get that breeze, mainly 50s and we will bounce up a good 58 degrees. the lows will stay cool, cool and breezy as we go to the weekend. >>> european markets are off to a good start as investors wait for the markets to close, they ended the day at 2% its largest increase this year. and that's after they ignited hope for improved economic prospects in europe. checking our numbers, we talking about the officials announcement between office depot and office max and both stocks look like they will open up 10%. here is where we start the day, pretty good gains, but right now futures indicate a drop on the opening across the board. del computer came out with its first quarter earn being, profits say 31% because of shrinking consumer business. the rapidly declining business may make the b
at las vegas sands. is this stock worth the gamble? > >i think this is a great opportunity to get in. i've been looking at this one. it's been on my radar. mgm, wynn, and las vegas sands. in las vegas sands it did sell off on wednesday and thursday when the stock market sold off. but if you look on thursday, huge tail on the bottom. got down to 48 dollars. found some support down there. closed almost unchanged for the day then on friday someone came in and bought 17,000 of the made 52 and a half calls. i talked about this in my trading room. stock was trading 4985. once this broke the stock was off to the races. closed almost a dollar higher from there. i'm long for las vegas sands by buying the may 48 calls. > > so the people who bought those calls on friday at the 52 strike, they need that stock to go from $50 above 52 in order to make some money here correct? > >yes and no. as a option trader you can get out of an option position whenever you want and you can always hedge a position against stock. when the stock was trading 4985, someone came in a bought 17,000 of these calls. it was
in for ashleigh banfield, the las vegas strip, one of the most famous streets in the world shut down this morning moll noling a hooting and fiery crash that left three dead and mangled cars everywhere. cnn spoke with a spokesman of the las vegas police department. >> approximately 4:20 this morning two vehicles were northbound las vegas boulevard at flamingo when one of the vehicles described as a black range rover sport fired shots into a second vehicle, a maserati, striking the driver and the passenger of that vehicle. it caused it to go out of control, continues through the intersection, striking a cab which subsequently catches on fire and then striking four additional vehicles. as a result three of the -- three of those occupants of the vehicles were transported for injuries, and the cab driver and the passenger were trapped inside the vehicle. at this time we have three confirmed deceased, two of those being the cab driver and the passenger, and the driver of the maserati. one of the occupants in the maserati was wounded from the shots. right now, what we're asking is that anyone that has i
. >> reporter: this is how the shooting at the heart of las vegas ended. after 4:00 a.m. someone in a black range rover opened fire on the driver of this dark gray massoroti sending it crashing into a taxi cab which burst into flames killing the driver and passenger inside. >> i ran over there to try to help the driver of the massoroti. he was breathing at the time but ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >> reporter: the driver of the massoroti was from oakland living in las vegas. it all started in the parking lot. >> clearly is suspects in this shooting have no regards for the lives and safety of others. finding those involved is a top priority. >> reporter: while the family of the massoroti driver was too distraught to talk on camera today, a friends told us he was oakland born and known by everyone. good man, hard life, very sad loss. at least three others were injured including a passenger in the massoroti. they've asked authorities in several states including kraáf kraá -- including california to be on the look out for the suspect. live in the newsroom, eric rasmussen. >>
for the person or persons responsible for a shooting and a fiery six vehicle wreck yesterday on the las vegas strip. two people died inside this fire ball. one was 62-year-old cab driver michael bolden, his passenger also dead. the taxi burst into flames when it was struck by a maserati apparently fleeing from a range rover which set off a violent reaction. here's what police think happened. >> what we believe at this time is the incident began as an altercation in the area of the aria hotel. according to witness statements, shots were fired from the range rover at the maserati. >> the maserati driver was killed. he has been identified as rapper kenneth cherry also known as kenny clutch. a passenger in his car was hurt. mike blas ski is a crime reporter with the las vegas review journal. what led up to this violent altercation. fill us in. >> reporter: thanks for me me. we don't know exactly why this started but we know where it started. it started in the val lay parking lot of the aria hotel which is right there in the center of the action. then it continued on the streets of the las vegas s
on the las vegas strip with a big toehold in that eg big mecca. mcm. it widened the loss to $2..50 per share. the stock before the big move an entry chart was moving higher and as you can see the whole market fell off a cliff, so did mgm stock moving lower. first on fox business, and jim resorts international chairman and ceo, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. liz: you were up before the market took a big dip in the last 17 minutes. let's count what's happening and get it out of the picture for a moment as to why we saw a wider than expected loss for your earnings. >> the loss was result of nine cash charges because we refinanced our debt last year and so that really wasn't what the analysts looked at. they focus on the operating trends which were above the consensus in las vegas and around the country, that is why the stock was up before the market selloff. liz: do you expect stronger numbers going forward because of a one-time situation? >> i do. the economy is getting better. las vegas certainly getting better. we had an unbelievably strong super bowl weekend, a great chinese n
. continu continuacont continÚa. en las vegas una d ee la las cpaertesrtes maÁs impot ortantes de la cddiudad fue involucrada en una tir tiroteo sobre la famosa avenida de las vegas boulevard donde est estar ma Án la mayorÍa de los casino.s. >> al volver les mostraremos com como un mexicano dejÓ el legado de un delicioso burridto y tb tambiÉn como algunos padres no t tiene nn otra p qopq ue ortunidad qcion que convertie convertiese convertier convertirse en espias de sus hij hijo.s-. >> destino y desg ica] (musica). muchsoos padres de familia dice qnq que estaÁn en reencontrarse con amigos pero se sabe que mÁs de la mtitad estaÁn s supervianssando a sus hijos. >> asÍ muchos con son amigos de los niÑos en fbacebook es importante ver qe nue nos vemaoan como amigos. >> pero la gran mayorÍa e los de los padre s hispanos estaÁn aussenentes de la vida de sus hijos. >> entre las aototientrientaciones que o comp c no den infgo oformaciÓn personale u que respeten lo ue que se dice . >> y janet pmartinesÍnez dice que la mayorÍa de las veces que estÁn fgunaunandomando m
la guardia, hoy en las vegas tuvo lugar la primera jornada. >> la reforma migración inmediatamente. >> así empieza el movimiento de la reforma migratoria y el tema de la reforma es urgente. >> en el congreso hay una voz en nevada. >> que estramos unidos y esperamos anciosamente. >> en nevada fue el epicentro de la primera marcha. >> tenemos que seguir todos en la lucha. >> la meta final que sea la reforma migratoria integral para todos. >> y no es gratuito que las vegas sea elegido para esto, el electorado hispano de nevada fue quién aseguro la reeleccion de obama. >> el presidente reconoce que nevada refleja la necesidad hispana federal. >> hay que salir apoyar y presionar. >> estas marchas comienzan en todo el país para presionar la aprobación de la reforma migratoria. >> y el peligro de la presencia de estafadores que ofrecen servicios engañosos por esto, algunas víctimas podrían terminar deportadas. >> (hablan en ingles) >> las posibilidades de que este año se den la refgorma migratoria es más probable y gente estafadora asegura que es un hecho. >> estos tramitadores,
'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. joe is in las vegas. >>reporter: the vegas strip sheer known for anything goes but this morning's mayhem seems to have taken things to a new level. >>reporter: there was a loud boom and then i heard two other booms. >>reporter: witnesses say it looked like an action movie. this cell phone camera captured the massive fire ball on the vegas strip. police stay it happened at the valet area of a can see no. the men got in separate cars, a maserati and suv and were speeding down the boulevard. the maserati belonged to an aspiring rapper, kenny clutch. here's one of his youtube videos. >> the maserati driver, having been shot, sped through the intersection of flamingo and las vegas boulevard causing an accident. >> i ran over to the dude in the maserati to pull him out the maserati to try to give him the cpc. >>reporter: kenny clutch died, as did the 62-year-old driver. >> what happeneden to strip today will not be tolerated. these individuals will be found and prosecuted to the full extent. >>reporter: they're still looking for the black range rover
>> host: you are watching "the communicators" on c-span. we are location in las vegas at ces international 2013 at the las vegas convention center. here is some of our interviews we did this week. we are joined by representative zoe lofgren democrat of california. representative lofgren what are you doing at ces? >> guest: interestingly enough this is my very first trip to ces. be on a panel about immigration which i did this morning and this afternoon i'm going to fly fun so far. >> host: what was your role in the panel and what was your point of view? >> guest: well the problems with our immigration system and everybody sees it from the situation they are in so the technology world that people that got their ph.d. in to start a company here but that doesn't any sense. for the farmer you see that your migrant farmworkers don't have their papers and you are going to have to file under and if you are chucking crabs in maryland you see that the season is going to be destroyed because you don't have workers so the whole thing is a mess and i have hopes that we will have a reform
2013 show in las vegas from the convention center here is some more of our coverage. here in las vegas at ces international, samsung has a rather large display and "the communicators" is joined by david steel executive vice president of strategy for samsung. mr. steel begin by giving us a snapshot of the samsung corporation. >> guest: samsung is now the largest technology company in the world by sale. we cover all the way from components like your chips at and all the way through finished goods like appliances, televisions and smart phones so you will see a whole range of products here at the booths where we are showing audio systems and televisions in the whole range of electronic products. >> host: what is your position at samsung as executive vice president? what are you responsible for quest. >> guest: i am responsible for north america covering the united states and canada and looking at all the strategies so overseeing all the different products areas and how we put together strategies. >> host: you spend quite a few years in korea correct? >> guest: that's right. >> host: why ar
for witnesses after a high school student was walking to school. janine de la vega has more on what we are learning about this accident and the teen's condition, jeanine? >> reporter: well, pam, let me tell you this is a 4th incident that happened in the 200 block near villa street. it is a highly used thoroughfare when a car traveling southbound hit him. he was on his way to mountain view academy and he was rushed to the hospital and treated for injuries. he failed to yield to the wed deadian. mountain view police have been ramped up an injured near three different crosswalks near castro street. in those incidents it appears children were at fault but they have proposed decoy operations for motorists failing to stop at crosswalks and intersections. now back out here live, we have put in a call to mountain view police to talk about their enforcement today and we know that the police department is asking for anybody who might have been a witness to this particular accident to give them a call and help them with their investigation. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time
in the las vegas strip. who police believe was the intended target. >> abc 7 is going hollywood for the academy awards. after months of speculation this sunday we will find out who will take home the oscar. >> we have ideas about who might be taking it home. arch and sundaycynee are enjoying the glamour of the red carpet. >> we are looking at temperatures of close to 70 degrees. it is amazing. >> they put the red carpet down early. we are standing in the middle of hollywood boulevard. >> you would not recognize it though. >> it has always been a nice street, especially when the carpet is down. >> absolutely. what is interesting this year is that there are tied into the washington, d.c. area a number of films being honored. >> "zero dark thirty," "argo." sunday night, look for a former cia operative to be on stage with a group excepting the oscar for best picture. tony mendez's story became "argo," the story of a spy who makes a fake movie to help free hostages. tony mendez retired from the cia in 1990 to devote full-time to his first love, art. he paints in a studio in rural mar
migratoria no lo sabemos pero jaime garcía habla de una marcha en las vegas. >>>e ste domingo en las vegas, pasará de ser la capital del juego, a una capital en búsqueda de una reforma migratoria . >>> por qué se quedó el presidente barack obama por el voto hispano, por qué los republicanos nos miran ahora, porque les conviene. >>> la marcha donde participarán líderes religiosos, cristianos de la comunidad judía es la primera de muchas acciones multitudianria, que obedece a la convocatoria que hizo el mismo presidente barack obama. >>> Él ha dicho en sus entrevista con univisión que lo que más necesita que se multipliquen las manifestaciones masivas como en el 2006. >>> con la marcha se quiere responder ante la filtradad propuesta migratoria del presidente barack obama. >>> si lo comparamos con la propuesta del presidente bush en el 2006 y 2007, la propuesta de obama está a la derecha de bush y de reagan, entonces, lo que ha propuesto el presidente es muy débil. >>> la marcha sure cuando una encuesta en california encontró que el 90% de los electores obedecen a una elección
. here are some interviews we did this week. >> we are now at the ces in las vegas. we have zoe lofgren from california. what are you doing at ces? >> this is my very first trip to ces. they asked that i come down here and be on the panel about immigration. i did that this morning. this afternoon i will look around the hall and then i will fly into santa fe. pretty good so far. >> what was your role in the panel? >> there aren't a lot of problems with our immigration system. -- there are a lot of problems with our immigration system. that technology world sees that people have gotten their phd from schools like mit. if you are a farmer, you would say that the migrant farmers do not have their papers. if you are checking crowdabs in maryland, the season be destroyed because you do not have workers. below thing is a mess. i have hope that -- the whole thing is a mess. >> you represent a lot of companies in silicon valley. what are you hearing from them? what is the solution to these problems? >> at it not so much a h-1 visa problem. i'm not saying it should be repealed, but it has
to nevada where he owns a home near las vegas. police say they hope he turns himself in. >>> meanwhile los angeles police now admit they mistook a 71-year-old woman delivering newspapers for dorner. detectives shot her twice in the back yesterday. her daughter was also cut by broken glass. the woman was in a pickup truck similar to dorners. but the pickup truck is neither the same color or model. we are learning more about the 18 page manifesto he posted online. he addressed it to america. coming up the random thoughts of an accused killer. the reason for his rampage. >>> we have a major new development in the case of that man who escaped from police custody in san jose. a source just told us that the escapee 32-year-old anthony sanchez was arrested last night. he slipped away on wednesday when an officer was arresting him for parole? violation. an arrest made over night. we will have more details coming up. >>> there is a heavy police activity at this hour in san jose. janine de la vega is live at the scene where officers are blocking off streets. janine what is going on? >> reporter: we
on the las vegas strip led to a chain reaction crash and the deaths of three people including an aspiring rapper from oakland. eric rasmussen join us live he's in the newsroom with reaction from that victim's family tonight. >> reporter: when i first met them outside their home in north oakland today, ken cherry's family was just getting word of his death. many are still grappling on how to break the news to cherry's grandmother. it all happened around 8:30 a.m. at the heart of the las vegas strip near the the bellagio. friends said he had been living in las vegas. investigators say the dispute this morning started in the valley -- valet area in the aria resort. one witness said he tried to come to his aid. >> i tried to get to the dude in the massoroti. he was breathing at the time but ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >> reporter: condolences for cherry and his family have been -- for cherry's family have been pouring out on twitter and facebook. >>> new limits on ammunition are headed before the full board of supervisors in san francisco after a passionate debate at city ha
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